Who is Kimberly Kadatz?

She is a strong, diligent Certified Personal Trainer specializing in full body transformations and postural deviations (corrective exercise). She has changed the lives of her clients by providing full support and by being resourceful as well as insightful.

She is extremely passionate about educating from her own experiences and wants to help her clients master their fitness journey's. 

Having lived in Edmonton, Alberta her whole life, she has made her community her home. She is not afraid to go out there to create and explore.

When she was suffering through depression in 2017, having no self acceptance, facing a failed relationship, and not being self satisfied, she discovered that self improvement was the only way to regain strength.

Realizing that and being previously athletic prior to major weight gain, she could really master herself and sculpt her body. She chipped away at it and little by little she accomplished goals. Now she wants to help you with yours by giving you the tools necessary to create a stronger you, mentally and physically.